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Restyled Cabinet Display with glass doors and 2 drawers . Restyled in a Chic French Provence Style  Farm House.


Hand painted in a high quality furniture paint in light blue on front , several layers of wax to protection and finish smooth . On sides and front drawers used embossed wallpaper with little leaves , it was hand painted with 4 colours of blue and blue/green  creating and unique and chic style with an accent with gold.


New Knocks was fixed in a beautiful and rare design of Koi fish in gold. Koi fish are considered an element of prosperity so the reason artist calls this piece Prosperity Cabinet.

A touch of gold around the doors on glass fixing.


Inside of the display and drawers its covered by the same wall paper and painted in flat colour and has a top finish to protection. Internal the display cabinet its in an elegant dark blue/grey colours, one drawers internal painted in deep blue / teal and the other drawer in green sage.


The back of the cabinet and internal parts that still in wood pine has a good layer of wax to protection.


Width            Depth               Height                        

92 cm            42cm               186cm

Chic Farm Provence , Prosperity Vitrine, Display Cabinet Restored and Restyled

700,00£ Preço normal
630,00£Preço promocional
  • Have 10% discount Collect and pay in cash at Studio in East Sussex. DM for details.

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